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Thirsty Monkey Story

Short Fable: Thirsty Monkey Story

It is a short fable story of a monkey who wants to help his family from hunger and thirst.

“I am starving.” “I am thirsty.” Monkey’s family said without energy. Maman, the oldest son of the monkey family, always heard his stomach rumbling. All the family members were hungry, they  experienced  stomach growling, low energy, shakiness, headaches and problems focusing.

“I should find the food and water for them,” said Maman, the brown monkey.

He was walking slowly to start his journey. It was drought. He was hungry and thirsty. 

“You look hungry and thirsty, Bro, said a mouse deer, interrupting his journey.

Maman, the monkey, tried very hard to smile.

“Look! Take the coconut!” said Mr. Mousedeer, pointing his hand to the coconut trees. 

Then, with his eyes wide open, Maman, the monkey, saw hope. He saw coconut trees.

“Coconut! I can eat and drink it,” said Mr. Mousedeer.

The monkey ignored his thirst and hunger. He climbed the coconut tree and took some coconuts and then put the coconuts on the ground. 

“I should bring the coconuts for my family so they can eat it and drink its water. I’ll eat and drink together with them. I don’t want to eat and drink the coconuts first before I meet my family.” The monkey thought.

However, the monkey was too weak to bring the coconuts. He fell on the ground and dropped all the coconuts.

“I am too weak to stand. How can I bring them?’ The monkey said.

Mr. Mousedeer rolled a green coconut to Maman, the monkey, and said, “Eat first! Drink first!   Before you feed dozens of apes, feed just one first. It’s you. After you get the energy, you can bring the coconuts to your family. When you are strong, you can help the weak ones.”

Maman, the monkey, ate a coconut and drank its water. He was not hungry and thirsty anymore. He got the energy. He felt strong and fit.

Monkey and Mouse Deer Cartoon

The mousedeer helped the monkey to bring the coconuts. They started to journey to help the monkey family.

The End

Author: YW Purnomosidhi


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