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Short Story with Moral based on Interesting Facts of Mousedeer dan Python

| July 26, 2014 | 1 Comment

Once Upon a Time a Mousedeer and a Python is a short fable story based on the facts of Mousedeer’s relationship with Python. Mousedeer created burrow for him to sleep at night and he welcomed Python to sleep in his burrow. It happens in real life, Python does not eat Mousedeer because Mousedeer shares his burrow with him. However, when another predator tries to attack Mousdeer or Sang Kancil, Python protects him.

Relationship begins with to give.

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Interesting Story Mousdeer and python

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  1. rhegine gedaro says:

    once upon a time there was a girl who inlove a boy but the didn’t love her . she do everything then the inlove her too, because the girl is so kind ..

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