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Love Story from the Sea: Fable of Horseshoe Crabs

Love has power which inspire us.

It is fable story of horseshoe crabs. It is a love story from the sea.

Fable of Horseshoe Crabs

A female horseshoe crab, called Miss Meetoonow taught young sea animals enthusiastically. She loved teaching. She brought cheer and joy to young sea animals. She educated them how to live in the sea and show them the beauty and plenty in life.

Once day, Mr. Meemee, a male horseshoe crab, saw her while Miss Meetoonow was teaching her students. Mr. Meemee was interested in her feminim side as she loved children. He felt he found the part of him which had been  lost ten years ago – his humanist side when he had been a teacher for teenage horseshoe crabs at the rocky side of the beach.

“Well, my friend is falling in love,” said Green Turtle, smiled at Mr. Meemee.

They hanged out together and it was the time Green Turtle introduced Miss Meetoonow to Mr. Meemee.  Miss Meetoonow and Mr. Meemmee became friends. They laughed and played together.

However, love does not always run smoothly. Sometimes, it faces rock and high tides.

Three week later, when Miss Meetoonow and Mr. Meemee were going to meet on a big rock, high tide swoop them away and it separated them. It was the first time they failed to date.

Once day, when they would go to the party on pink beach, a ship spilled out black oil and it polluted the water and poisoned Miss Meetoonow. She got sick and could not attend the party. Again, they failed to date.

Mr. Meemee was disappointed. Luckily, Green Turtle gave him information about her health condition and they visited her.

A month later, when Mr. Meemee had plan with Miss Meetoonow to meet on the beach, earth quake shook the beach and they failed again to meet.

Mr. Meemee thought there was something which he could not understand that lead him not to meet Miss Meetoonow.  He thought that good luck did not stand by them. He felt something banned them to be together.

Then, Mr. Meemee wrote the message on the sand of the beach Miss Meetoonow loved to visit. Even if they did not meet at the same time, they could communiate by leaving the messages on the sand.

As Miss Meetoonow read the message, she replied his message by writing and drawing the messages on the sand. Even if they did not meet, they were happy because they found the way to get in touch by using the sand. Yes, it was like Sand Message Service.

Then, Miss Meetoonow wrote the message to invited Mr. Meemee to meet on the pink beach. She hoped she could meet him and so did he.

As people did not care about environment and they threw waste garbage in the river, they polluted the water. Waste garbage appeared here and there in the sea. It made the beach look ugly.  Dark polluted water and waste garbage harmed the pink beach and covered the messages by Mr. Meemee and Miss Meetoonow. They could not read the message anymore and the sand of the beach was covered with waste garbages. Miss Meetoonow thought that Mr. Meemee did not reply her las message.  Both of them lost contact and felt little despair. They did not understand whay it happened and they prayed to express their hope and submission to God.  Week by week, there was no communication between them.

Once day, under the full moon light, many crabs gathered in a moon light party on the pink beach. Mr. Meemee joined the party with his friends. Coincidentally, he met Miss Meetoonow. She smiled at him. It was a smile of joy and hope and she also a sweet smile at Mr. Meemee’s face. The moon was the light in the dark and their coincidental meeting was little hope in despair.

“Why does fate conspire to lead us not into unity? Why does something that I cannot understand separate us?” said Miss Meetoonow to Mr. Meemee.

In his mind, Mr. Meemee agreed with her.

“Fate and destiny are mystery. I don’t know whether there is the pattern of life. I don’t know wheter the future is written. I don’t know whether life is something to fight for or it is destined. It is mystery whether we also write our life or our fate is just written.  However, the most important question for our relationship is about our will to be together,” said Mr. Meemee.

Mr. Meemee felt he had many efforts to build relationship with her. He loved her but he was not sure she had really the same feeling.

“Meetoonow, do you really to be my friend forever? I want to be with you. Do you wnat to be with me? Do you really want to meet me? Do you really hope our togetherness. I want to be your partner of life. I want to share my life with you. I want to live with you,” said Mr. Meemee.

Miss Meetoonow saw the truth of his expression thru his eyes.

“Miss,  honestl y ask your heart. If the answer if yes, that’s our will and let’s realize it. Maybe, our prayer and action can write something unwritten in life,” said Mr. Meemee.

“Yes, I want to be with you.” Miss Meetoonow smiled at Mr. Meemee.

After their meeting under the full moon light, they planned another dating. It was not easy. However, as they had strongwill to be together , they took action to manifest their hope. When they failed to meet, they communicated by drawing the message on the sand or using the blades of the grass to form the symbols for communication. Then, they could meet. They met again and again.

horseshoe crab blood

One thing influenced another. As people in the city did not care about the cleanliness of the river and the sea, waste covered the beach with  ugly and unhealthy look.

Once day, when Miss Meetoonow was going to meet Mr. Meemee, she was trapped among the waste at sea. The polution of oil spills  made it worse. Miss Meetoonow tried to free from the waste but she became weaker and weaket. She saw everything was blur.

“Meetoonow, don’t worry! We can overcome it together. I’ll help you!” said Mr. Meemee, swimming toward her.

Mr. Meemee tried to put aside the waste so that he could clear his way to her. He took a risk to swim in the oil spilled water to help his lover.  Then, he swam slower and slower.  He became weaker and weaker. The poisonous waste had harmful effect.

A little boy looked two horseshoe crabs at the polluted water of the sea.

“Dad, look! They are like the Predators.”

“Yes, son but they are not evil animals. They are horseshoe crabs.  They are trapped among the waste. We must help them. We must save them,” said the Fisherman to his son.

The  Fisherman took both horseshoe crabs  from the waste at the sea. Then, he brought them at the safe place and wash them with fresh water.

“Look! Their legs are moving!” said the son of the fisherman.

“They are like the Predators but they are not bad. People who destruct the environment is bad,” said the Fisherman.

Couple of Horseshoe Crabs
Couple of Horseshoe Crabs

He put the horseshoe crabs on the sand of beach.  Then, Mr. Meemee and Miss Meetoonow were walking together, leaving their footprints on the sand.

“They are couples! They live together,” said Fisherman.

Fifteen years later, the son of the fisherman grew to be a man. He was a family man. On a holliday, he and his family took vacation at the pink beach.

“Look! Remember  Alien versus Predator? They are like predators. What are they?” His wife pointed his hand to a couple of horseshoe crabs.

“Honey, do you remember our wedding ceremony? The MC quoted the Javanese saying  about horse shoe crabs,” said son of fisherman.

“Yes, it is ridiculious. The tradition uses the Predator-like creatures as symbol of marriage relationship.”

“The synbol means ‘till death do us part.’ Horse shoe crabs mate for life. The bride and the bridegroom live together forever like a couple of horse shoe crabs,” said the son of fisherman.

“Those horseshoe crabs inspires us,” said the wife of son of fisherman.

Then, she hugged and kissed the son of fisherman.

From a distance, the two horse shoe crabs, called Mr. Meemee and Miss Meetoonow heard  the conversation between the son of fisherman and his wife.

“Babe, our togetherness inspires human beings,” said Miss Meetoonow.

“ To inspire people, we do not do the great work. We just do something better for our relationship. We take action to manifest our will. It’s small thing but it’s inspiring.”

Do something better even if it is small thing. It can inspires others.

The End

Javanese tradition calls a couple of horseshoe crabs, mimi and mituno. Their relationship becomes symbol of togetherness. In Javanese wedding speech, the toastmaster says, “May the couple live together forever like mimi and mituno.”  It inspires YW Purnomosidhi alias Mas Wahyu Didik to write this short love fable story.


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