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Short Fable Story: Band of Crayons

It is a short fable story of diversity and of its synergy.


Band of Crayons


“Look at me! My colour represents courage. People need me to burn their desire. I’m the colour of their blood. I’m supposed to be the king of crayons,” said Red Crayon.


“I’m stronger than you are, Red. Nobody can see you when my colour covers you, “said Black Crayon.


“I don’t like your cocky words, Red!” said White Crayon.

“Black, you are boring. You and White Crayon are old fashion. Both of you cannot attract children but they really love me,” said Red Crayon.


“You are not the only favourite crayon. Children also love me because I’m the colour of nature. They need me to draw the pictures of grass and plants,” said Green Crayon.


“You are not primary colour, Mr. Green. You are secondary. Your existence is redundant. People just need Blue, Yellow, and me to draw a colourful picture. Many colours are just combination of us.”


“Red, you insult us. You don’t think that you are the best, do you?” asked Purple Crayon.


“Of course, I do. You are not the original colour, Purple. You are not primary colour. You are just secondary colour. Without me, you cannot exist,” said Red Crayon.


“Red, we have primary colours but we should respect others. We need each others,” said Yellow Crayon.


“Yellow, you say it because you are yellow. You are a coward.” Red Crayon mocked Yellow.


The door opened. A boy entered the room.

“Guys, the Master is coming! He’ll draw something,” said White Paper to the band of crayons on the table.


White Paper smiled at them and said, “Our Master put you together to work and live together. No matter who you are, you play an important role. Some you are bright. Some you are dark. Diversity makes you colourful. Together, we will draw a beautiful picture.  Together, we will realize the beauty and plenty. It’s time to work as one team.”

Short Fable Story Band of Crayons

The boy started drawing. All crayons and White Paper worked together. Red Crayon did not say anything. In his heart, he admired the way the boy used the band of crayons and drew the colorful picture. He was aware of the power of diversity.

The End

This fable fiction about crayons is written by Mas Wahyu Didik a.k.a Y.W. Purnomosidhi, an Indonesian fable writer.


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