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Short Fable Story: Weaver Ant and Archer Fish Tale

This fish tale or fable is not the story of  the ant and grasshopper. It is short fable story about too much pride and its consequences.


Weaver Ant and Archer Fish Tale

This ant and fish tale took place in summer in the jungle.


“Hi, ugly fish! You have an odd scary face.  Catch me if you can! I bet you can’t do it,” said a weaver ant on a hanging green branch to an archer fish in the pond under it.

“Don’t say that! You insult him. You can make him angry,” said a lady bug beside him.

“Are you scared? Lady, don’t be coward! Don’t worry! He can’t live on the ground. He can’t jump high enough to catch us,” said Waver Ant.


Lady Bug looked at Archerfish’s eyes. The fish’s eyes bulged in anger.

“He only frightens us. He cannot touch us. Why are you so coward, Lady?” said Weaver Ant.


On the hanging branch over the pond, Weaver Ant danced and moved his butt to mock Archer Fish in the pond.


“Ant, you are supposed to respect others,” Lady Bug warned him.

Weaver Ant ignored her words and kept playing his mocking dance.


“Ant, watch out!”

Like a water pistol, Archer Fish shot water at Weaver Ant on the hanging branch. Weaver Ant fell into the pond.

Again, Archer Fish shot water toward Lady Bug but she fled and escaped.

“Help! Help!” said Weaver Ant, swimming as fast as he could to the land.


“Don’t underestimate other. Sometimes, something is more than what you can see. Do you know why people call me Archer Fish? Because like an archer, I can shoot water at my target,” said Archer Fish.

Summer Ant Story, Fish Tale Fable

Weaver Ant was not a good swimmer and he was still far from the land. In a flash movement, Archer Fish’s mouth caught Weaver Ant.


In conclusion, the boasting or too much pride will lead to problem. Respect the other. Never underestimate the other.

The End

This short fable fiction is writen by Y.W. Purnomosidhi alias Mas Wahyu Didik, internet marketer who loves fables.



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