Motivational Short Fable Story: Peanut and Diamond – Fable Fantasy



Motivational Short Fable Story: Peanut and Diamond

Who is the winner? Diamond or Peanut? It is a motivational short fable story about it.

Peanut and Diamond

“Your song is only peanut class. It’s not gold class,” said a senior famous singer to a young singer.


As the comment came from those whom he respected, it really made the young singer down and the negative comment became a ghost in his mind.


“Why is his bad opinion still shouting loud again and again in my mind. I want to sleep now but it’s hard to close my eyes and calm my mind,” said the young singer in his bedroom at night.


He covered his face with a white pillow, struggling to sleep tight.

In his dream, he saw Papa Peanut, the leader of peanuts, standing  gallantly in front of a platoon of peanut soldiers on the table.


“Are you ready for your mission?”

“Yes, Sir!”  a platoon of peanuts answered.

“We will be friends of football lovers when they watch football watch.  We will accompany people when they have parties with their friends. We will play our role in coffee time. People will have enjoyable experience with us.  We are light and friendly. We are not expensive and we can be friend to all people. All people can enjoy us. Are you ready to be friends of human beings?” asked Papa Peanut.

“Yes, sir!”

Peanut soldiers left the table and Papa Peanut monitored their movement through a magic crystal ball.


Diamond smiled at Papa Peanut and said,”Hi, peanuts! Peanuts are just peanuts. You are not glossy. You are cheap and easy.”

“Mr. Diamond, you can see through this crystal ball. People enjoy their time with us. They spend their time with us. In party and in dating, we play our role,” said Papa Peanut.


“You said in dating, didn’t you?” said Mr. Diamond.


Mr. Diamond pointed his finger toward the magic crystal ball and said,”Look! When the dating becomes serious, finally, a man asks for a woman’s hand  and says his love with a diamond. Diamonds are forever. A man does not say love with cheap peanuts.”


“OK, Mr Diamond, you  are frosting, glossy, elegant, and expensive. Let’s see another channel.”

Papa Peanut clapped his hands and the magic ball showed another view.  Mr. Diamond saw the motion pictures of street and market.


“Look! They buy and eat peanuts. Peanuts are for everyone. There is no discrimination to get us. Everyone can enjoy us. We are the best sellers in the market. Even if we do not belong to high class, we have good sales,” said Papa Peanut.

Peanut and Diamond is fable with moral. It is motivating story.
Peanut and Diamond is fable with moral. It is motivating story.

“I am a diamond. I am always in people’s dream.”

“But, peanuts are present in people’s real life. I do not say that peanuts are better than diamonds. We have different strength, roles, and market. East people say that saleable things are easy to sail like fried peanuts. So, fried peanuts are symbols of good sales but a diamond represents top class,” said Papa Peanut.


“Riiing! Riiing!”

Loud ringing alarm shocked a young singer. He realized that he woke up in the morning.

His dream had opened his mind.

He recalled the face of the senior singer  and said,”OK, I’ll improve myself. I want to be my better self. Even if people say that my work is just low peanut class but peanut is marketable and becomes hit.”

The End

This short fable fiction is written by YW Purnomosidhi alias Mas Wahyu Didik, an internet marketer from Indonesia who loves to write fable stories.


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