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Run Amok in Space: Short Story about the Future Unity in Space

In this article, Fable Fantasy discuss the a short story about future, titled Run Amok in Space and at the end of review you may enjoy this free fantasy fiction online.

Are you living in multicultural or multi ethnic society? Is there any immigrant or descendants of immigrants in your society? How is your society? Is it melting pot or mozaic? Has violence, riot, or conflict ever happened due to the difference?


Today, discrimination is something that we should leave as we need to be aware of our membership in family of one earth. Those who are allergic to diversity will live in fanatically boredom.

However, extreem egoists claim their exclusivity over others. For them, anything related to their identity, such as religion, ethnic, or village, are superiors. They think their class is better than other. They think they are main characters. They do not respect the others but they are thirsrty to be respected. They see the difference as the threat and its unity  as a sin. For them, everyones must be the same.  They do not see uniqueness as colourful richness. They see uniformity to their ideal is their power.

Sci Fi short story about Future Conflict
Sci Fi short story about Future Conflict

A fantasy short story, titled Run Amok in Space, written by Y.W.  Purnomosidhi, published by Wikinut, is the parable of peace lovers who tried to survive in interracial riot. The story sets in futuristic era when people from planet earth become immigrant in another planet of far away galaxy. There are pure human beings, native race, and mixed citizens. It is the story of people who try to overcome chaos. They do not have choice when they must fight against evil ones who disrespect diversity and try to do genocide.

Characters in this short space fantasy story represents different ethnics in space and their attitudes toward the difference.  Some choose interracial gap and conflict. Some choose interracial relationship. Some just simply want peace.  In this story, there is people who choose to help other but there is group of people who choose to kill the others.  There is people who choose violance but there is also peace lovers who still have heart of compassion.  People who love peace have different colors but they have one heart – a heart of peace to make peace come true.

Love and peace never fail. At least, when they seem stopped by cruelty, they inspire the others.


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