Short Fable Story: Down with the Bears and Up with the Bulls – Fable Fantasy



Short Fable Story: Down with the Bears and Up with the Bulls

Short Fable Story of Animals: Down with the Bears and Up with the Bulls

Never let resistance take you down. Surround yourself with the supportive environment to raise you up.

Civet and squirrel stood in front of coconut tree, looking at a cluster of big green coconuts.

“Hmmm, yummy!”

Miss Squirrel  imagined that delicious taste of coconut on his lips.

“That fresh water of green coconut will refresh me,” said Mr. Civet.

“What if we get there and get some coconut?”  Miss Squirrel said.

“Let’s do it!” Mr. Civet answered.

Both Miss Squirrel and Mr. Civet were climbing the coconut tree.

“Oh no!”

A bear hit both of them down.

Miss Squirrel and Mr. Civet fell down to the grown. They saw gang of bears walking around the coconut tree.

Mr. Civet thought faster, finding the way to the top of the tree.

“Miss, we can jump to there, and then step on there, than jump from there to the top of coconut tree,” said Mr. Civet pointing his fingers to some stones and some trees as the way to get to their goal.

“Or, we can ask bear to throw us to the top of the tree or step on bear’s body to jump to the tree,” Miss Squirrel said.

“OK, we try all ideas!” said Mr. Civet.

They asked the bears to help them but no bear were willing to help.

Then, they tried to jump from one side to another to reach the top of coconut tree.


Gang of the bears always hit them down and down. When they moved up, the bears always take them down.

“Seriously? When I want to be up, you take me down!” Miss Squirrel shouted.

Both Squirrel and Civet tried to jump to and climb the coconut tree.

The bears swiped them down.

Yes, they were down.

They rolled down and splashed into the river.  The bears laughed at them.

“There’s nothing to laugh at!” Miss Squirrel cried.

A mousedeer met wet Squirrel and Civet at riverbank.

“You look upset. What happens?” asked Mr. Mousedeer.

“We are down. They make us down. They swiped us down,” said Ms. Squirrel.

Then, she told Mr. Mousedeer the whole story.

Mr. Mousedeer was listening the story, nodding to show that he cared and understood.

“When you want to be up or reach something higher, you need to be in the circle of friend with a positive attitude. You need encouragement. Those who make you down can be the resistance of your action,” said Mr. Mousedeer.

“But the bears always swipe us down, ” said Mr. Civet.

“Find environment or circle which can bring you up. See the nature of life circle! See the nature of anything! Something may take you down but another thing may take you higher!”  Mr. Mousedeer explained.

“Can you give us something practical? What you’ve said is too philosophical.” Miss Squirrel folded her arms.

Mr. Mousedeer smiled.

“Do you see the bulls there?”  Mr. Mousedeer pointed his hand to some fat creatures.

“Yes,” Miss Squirrel answered.

“A bull thrusts its horns up into the air when it attacks its enemy,” Mousedeer said.

“Yes, so what’s the point?” Mr. Civet wondered.

“Use the bull’s movement to move you up. You can ask gang of the bulls to move you up with their horns or you can provoke them to attack you with their horns,” Mousedeer said.

Miss Squirrel imagined what Mousedeer said. She found magic spark in her mind.

“Aha, that’s good idea my mousedeer! Muaach.” Miss Squirrel hugged and kissed Mousedeer.

Then, Miss Squirrel whispered her tactic to Mr. Civet’s ear. Mr. Civet nodded his head.

Both Miss Squirrel and Mr. Civet asked the bulls to get closer to the palm tree. Both of them jumped to the bull’s horns. The bulls thrust its horns up and threw Squirrel and Civet into the air. They were jumping from one horn  to another.

“Up! Up! Up! Jump higher!” The bulls cheered.

The bulls with their horns moved Squirrel and Civet up and up and then both of them reached the top of coconut tree.

Fable Story Bull, Bear, Squirrel and Civet

“Wow, finally!” Miss Squirrel cheered.

Squirrel and Civet brought some coconuts down. They ate and drank the coconuts with mousedeer and the bulls, who supported their success.

Don’t be alone. Support of people with good vibe and positive attitude is important for your success.

The End

It is a fable story collection of Fable Fantasy, written by YW Purnomosidhi a.k.a Mas Wahyu Didik, a blogger who loves fable.


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