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The Monkey’s Short Story about Perspective

Well, it is not fable story of monkey and crocodile. It is a very short story of how monkeys see a boy and what the boy thinks about the monkeys.

It is a verry short fable story a.k.a flash fable fiction about perspective or point ov view. What you see on a thing can be diffrent from what another people see. How your friend views a thing can be not the same as how you see. From different side or angle, a thing can seem different.

What you think about a thing may be different from what others do about the samet think. So, this short joke story does not lead you to be other people. This story does not force you to have other’s perspective. It is just a joke to remind us to be aware that others may have different perspectives and there are many point of views on something.

OK just read this Short Fable Story about Perspective: Front Tail



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