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A Fable Story of Jataka : A Turtle and Two Swans

Jataka’s stories  brings the messages of awareness through fable and fantasy stories. What if you were a turtle and two swans brought you to fly? It is a Jataka’s fable story.

Once upon a time, in a pool, a turtle was living together with two white swans. Sometimes, the change of seasons brought  abundance of water in the pool but sometimes, in another season, the pool was lack of water. When there was much water, they were happy. When the pool was almost empty, they worried and were sad.

“I’m bored with the endless sadness and happiness,” said Mrs. Swan.

A fable story, carved on Mendut Temple, Mid Java.
A fable story, carved on Mendut Temple, Mid Java.

“Happiness comes and then goes. Then, sadness comes. Then, it became sadness. We will experience them like the change of seasons until the death will pick us. Life is so boring. Sadness and happiness come and go in turn, “ said Mr. Swan.

“We only survive for a while. There’s no endless joy,” said Mrs. Swan.

Then, a wise bird, who heard their complaint, came to them and said, “Mister and Mrs. Swan, I have a good news for you. Look at that mountain! There is Lake of Happiness at the top of it. The lake has endless source of water. You can live in abundance of joy.”

It was a good news – a new hope for forever joy.

Both swans planned to go there. The turtle knew their plan and he wanted to join them.

“We want you to live with us there but how can you follow us? You cannot fly, Mr. Turtle,” said Mr. Swan.

“I have a good idea,” said Mr. Turtle and then he drew something on the ground to explain his idea.

In the morning, they did what they had planned. Both swans brought a wooden stick side by side and the turtle bit the middle part of the wooden stick.

“Bite it tight! Don’t talk! It’s very dangerous!” said Mr. Swan.

Then, the swans brought the turtle to fly. The turtle really enjoyed his journey. It was his first flight. Turtle saw the wolves on the field. From above, he watched children waving their hands to the turtle. Turtle was really happy.  In the garden of a palace, a princess was impressed to see Turtle and the swans and she wanted to know the story behind how a turtle could have wonderful gift. Mr. Turtle forgot Mr. Swan’s  advice and he wanted to explain about his greatness. He lost his bite and fell down to earth. His body was broken into two pieces.

The King asked his adviser why a turtle fell from the sky to his palace. His adviser told him the story of the  turtle and the swans. Too much talking creates unawareness and attracts disasters. The King was aware that he had dominated the discussion with his ministers. He had not listened to the others. He was aware that he should control his mouth. He should be aware of the time for talking and listening. His adviser’s explanation about the turtle opened his heart and mind. He was aware of his weakness. Arrogance can make us fall.


After reincarnation by reincarnation, the adviser was reincarnated as The Budha. And the King became his disciple. The story of turtle and swans changes his perspective.


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