Ant Story for Management: Ants in the Leaf Boat Race – Fable Fantasy



Ant Story for Management: Ants in the Leaf Boat Race

Anger and revenge waste your energy. They lead you into temptation. Remember your true destination and go for it. This ant story is not only for management or business fable but it also a short fable story for kids with moral lesson. It is not ant and grasshopper fable story. Just read this story.


Short Fable Story: Ants in the Leaf Boat Race

A leaf boat race began. Four leaf boats floated in the river. All tiny sailor ants on the leaf boat yelled as the leaf sail of their boats caught the wind and started to haul across the river. Every sailor ant wanted to win.


Brown leaf boat crushed yellow one. As they headed down the rapid rocky stream, a yellow leaf boat lost its balance. It crushed a hard rock and then it sunk.


“Yo ho! We have defeated yellow team,” said the leader of black ants on the brown leaf boat.

Purple leaf boat overtook the brown leaf boat at high speed.

“Black spider, sink it!” Black ant leader commanded.

“Yes, sir!”


A black spider on the brown leaf boat shot silk at the leaf sail of purple boat. Then, with all his strength, black spider pulled and swung the sail of a purple boat in a dangerous direction. Purple sail crushed a big rock and then it sunk.

The red sailor ants on the green leaf boat saw the incident.


“Brown leaf boat team plays foul. They attacked another boat. It’s just a race. It’s not war,” said Big Red Head, the captain of red ants.

Brown leaf boat sailed, approaching the green one.

“Ahoy! They come to us!” said a red sailor ant.


Black spider shot his silk at the sail of a green leaf boat and tried to swing it.


“Captain Big Red Head, they attack us! We should attack them back,” said Red Mandible, a red soldier ant in the green leaf boat.

“Mr. Mandible, cut his silk! I’ll try to control this boat,” said Captain Big Red Head.


Mandible and two red worker ants bit the silk to cut it. They released the sail from the evil control and Captain Big Red Head could control the boat again.

Mandible swung the sail in different direction and it caught the wind which blew green leaf boat approaching the brown leaf boat.


“Mr. Mandible, what are you doing?” asked Captain Big Red Head.

“It’s time for revenge,” answered Mandible.

“We don’t need to take revenge,” said Captain.

“Look! Look what they have done to other teams! They did evil things and they are still OK. The river wave does not swallow them and the rock does not break their boat. Why doesn’t bad luck come to them? I want to see them suffer,” said Mandible.


“Mr. Mandible, don’t let anger conquer you! Don’t waste your energy! Leave the burden in your mind! Revenge is not our destination. Remember our destination! Move on!” said Captain.

“What if they attack us again?”

“We’ll counter their attack. Now, we must be alert and shall not forget our destination. We will reach the finish line and win the race,” said Captain.


Captain stood in gallant way and spoke,”My friends, we have released our boat from the evil silk of black spider. We must be free from anything which can hold back us to move on. Don’t waste your energy to take revenge! We must focus on our destination. Go back to your post!”


Mandible and other red sailor ants swung the sail and their boat moved forward at high speed. The brown leaf boat team wasted their efforts to attack green leaf boats but they always failed. Brown leaf boat team forgot to accelerate their speed to reach destination as they only concentrated to hurt the others. On the contrary, the green leaf boat team used their energy to reach destination.


At noon, the green leaf boat team reached the finish line and there was no doubt that they won.


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This short business fable is written by YW Purnomosidhi a.k.a Yohanes Wahyu Purnomosidhi. He is a blogger who loves social media, fable writing, fantasy writing, and online marketing. You can contact him thru his facebook Yohanes Wahyu Purnomosidhi, leaving the comment below or his whatsapp +628170034382.



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