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Short Fable Story of Leadership: Band of Duck Brothers

What do you need when you must lead?

This short fable story tells the answer. Read the following business fable.

Short Fable Story of Leadership: Band of Duck Brothers

Band of ducks were marching in the morning. A duck, called “Black Head” lead their way. Yeah, the band of ducks chose him to lead.


Black Head, the frontier, was leading them to march crossing the meadow. They breathed the fresh air and smelt the fresh cut grass.


Then, Black Head was walking slower and slower. He saw holes here and there in the land. As he was respinsible to lead the march on the safe track, he slowered the march and stepped cautiously.


“Black Head, don’t be slow!”
“You are slow duck.”
“You can lead us, can’t you?”


Their protesting noises really annoyed Black Head.
“My friend, we must be careful. There are many holes on this track,” Black Head answered.


After passing the track with full of holes, they marched with normal speed again.

Then, they found a small pool. They accelerated their walk to the pool cheerfully.



Black Head led them to stop walking to the pool.

“It’s not time to stop. That’s the pool. It’s time to plung into the pool.”


Many ducks protested the decision Black Head took. The duck behind tried to push the ducks forward to the pool.

“Freeze! Stop!” Black Head shouted.

“Why do you ban us to the pool?”


Black Head took leave of the grass and threw it to the pool. Then, the calm water of the pool waving. They saw big snake attacked the leave of the grass on the pool.


“Run, my friend! Run!”


All the ducks ran away from the bank of the pool to the safe place.

After they were on the safe track, they stopped.
Then, they continued their journey to the green lake. They were marching and singing under Black Head’s command.

Short Fable Story Duck Tales

As they got to the bank of the green lake, Black Head stopped.

“Let me check first,” said Black Head.

Black Head checked the situation of the Green Lake and made sure taht it was safe for his friend.


“It’s clear my friend! Let’s swim together!”
Black Head plung to the lake and swim and another ducks followed him.
They were swimming and playing together in the pool.
Suddenly, something swam accros their crowd in high speed. It shocked them. Everybody paid attention to it then it stopped.
“Sorry, kids! I’ve shocked you,”said Old brown duck with black head, smilling at the ducks.
“Master Laysan Teal?” said Black Head.
“Hi, Master!”
Everybody greeted Old brown duck with black head called Master Laysan Teal.
“OK, Kids, enjoy your time here,” said Master Laysan Teal.
The ducks were playing again but Black Head stood beside Master Laysan Teal.
“Hi, kid. What have you learned today?” Asked the Master.
“About what?” Black Head asked.
“Recall the event when you were leading them to this place. What do you learn. What should you do when you become a leader?” Asked the Master.
Black Head recalled his experience as a leader of the band, and then he answered, “A leader must be responsible for the safety of his followers. A leader must keep moving. A leader must have vision and goal. A leader must communicate clearly. A leader must be able to move first. A leader must be brave to take risk. A leader must be able to deal with difference and criticism. A leader should take decision and be responsible for it.”
Master Laysan Teal smiled and said, “A leader must serve the other.”

The End

The author of this short fable fiction is YW Purnomosidhi alias Mas Wahyu Didik, a fable writer from Indonesia.


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