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Fable Story of Animals: Orangutan, Dove and the Cloud

Fable Story of Animals: Orangutan, Dove and the Cloud

It is a fable story of animals about courage to get something and face the truth.

Once upon a time, Orangutan and Dove watched the cloud moving around a mountain.

“I want to bring the beautiful cloud here,” said Orangutan.

“I will bring some cloud with my bag,” said the Dove.

Day after day, they did exercise and ate health food to prepare their journey to pick the cloud.

Sometimes, they were tired during the preparation.

“Dove, I am afraid that I can reach the top. You can fly but I can only climb,” said Orangutan.

“Don’t give up! Have courage! Start with what you have and finish what you start!” Dove motivated Orangutan.

A week later, in the morning, Orangutan and Dove stood facing the mountain. Beautiful cloud was moving around the peak of the mountain.

Dove fied higher and higher to the cloud. Orangutan climbed the mountain higher and higher the peak of mountain.

“I’ll pick the cloud when I am at the top,” said Orangutan.

“See you at the top and get what you want. Dove never breaks promise,” said Dove.

They tried hard to make their dreams come true.

It was not easy to climb the mountain but finally Orangutan reach the top.

At the top of mountain, Orangutan took a deep breath and felt the fresh air. Yes, it was cloudy but he could not grab anything of the cloud. He was close to the cloud. Maybe, he was in the cloud. Maybe, he touched the cloud or felt the sensation of it. However, he pick nothing of the cloud because it was not like cotton.

“I am here with the cloud but I can’t pick it up,” Orangutan said to himself.

“Hi, you are with the cloud. The cloud blankets you. Can you take it and put it into your bag?” Asked Dove, flying in the cloud.

Orangutan also saw that cloud covered the dove.

“Dove, you are in it. Take some cloud and bring it down with your basket,” said Orangutan.

The cloud was not what they expected.

What they faced was not what they had planned. They were with the cloud but they could not own it.

Fable Story Examples Dove and Cloud

“We cannot take any cloud,” said Dove.

Dove was curious whether he could hold the cloud.

“But we have a great experience,” said Orangutan.

Fresh air made them smile. It was strange sensation. Although they did not bring any cloud, they were satisfied because they reached destination. They finished what they had started even if the result was not their expectation. They faced the truth that the cloud did not belong to them but they had great experience. It fulfilled their curiosity.

Did they really get nothing? They had great experience.

Finish what you start. Face the truth and learn something from every result. Seize the day.

The End


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