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Fable Fantasy Story for Kids: Mouse Deer and Pegasus

Leave your past burden behind and walk in the beautiful now. A mouse deer story, which you never heard, tells about it. This short fantasy story is not only for kids but this fable fantasy story is also for you.

A Short Fable Story: Mouse Deer and Pegasus

An evil master, a leader of army of darkness, caught a winged horse, called Pegasus, and enslaved the horse. Pegasus always bore heavy iron saddle and other load of evil master’s tools on his back.

Evil master always said to Pegasus, “Pay attention to the things on your back! Never drop them!”

Evil master said it again and again and his sentence became program in Pegasus’s mind.

Once upon a time, war happened. Dust was flying every where. People shouted war cry against army of darkness. Army of darkness lost. Battlefield was silent. None knew what happened to evil master.

Pegasus stood alone and then he walked, leaving the battlefield. Bearing heavy load on his back, Pegasus was flying but he could not fly faster and higher. He was over burdened.

As Pegasus reached far distance from the battle field, his throat was dry and his stomach was empty. He landed on the green land. As he was only aware of little source for his drink and meal, he eat and drink little. Day by day, Pegasus grew skinny.

The load was still on his back. He forced himself to fly to continue his journey.

Once in the morning, Pegasus landed in front of a narrow path of the golden cliff as he was not strong enough to fly over the cliff. Pegasus decided to walk through narrow path but he could not pass thru because the size of his load was too big for the narrow path.

“What are you doing?”  Someone behind him asked.

Pegasus turned around and he saw familiar face. He knew the stranger was Mouse Deer. People also call him chevrotain but he was not water chevrotain. Maybe, he was legendary Mouse Deer from the east. Many people had told him about a mouse deer story and he had seen pictures of mouse deer.

Pegasus tried to smile and said, “I want to pass this path.”

“Why do you bring redundant load?” asked Mouse Deer.

“My master forces me.”

“Where is your master?” asked Mouse Deer.

“He’s gone.”

“So, you are free, aren’t you? You have freedom but why you look skinny and hungry?” asked Mouse Deer.

“I do not see a lot of food and I haven’t eaten enough food,” said Pegasus.

“What? You’ve just passed that way but you ignored many sources you have passed. Now, put your load down! You only concentrate on your burden,” said Mouse Deer.

“But, I have accustomed to bear it,” said Pegasus.

“You enslave yourself. Hardness and pain are not your nature. Put it down and I’ll tell you a secret,” said Mouse Deer.

Mouse Deer helped Pegasus to put his load down. There were no more burdens on Pegasus’s back and he felt released.

“Okay, now. Without burden of the past, which you kept, you can walk through this narrow path. Your awkwardness has blinded your eyes and mind.  Leave your past burden behind and walk in the beautiful now. You will see new world with new eyes,” said Mouse Deer.

“Thank you! I feel freedom now. You are smart Mouse Deer like what the legend says,” said Pegasus.

“Actually, I’m not really smart. I just appreciate many things and many things give me many ideas.”

Mouse Deer smiled at Pegasus and said, “Continue and enjoy your journey! Try to appreciate many things!”

Without load, Pegasus walked through the narrow path of golden cliff. Then, in the end of the path, he saw great green land with its beauty and plenty.

Mouse Deer stood beside him and asked, “What do you feel? What does your skin feel? What do you smell? What do you see? What do you hear?”

Pegasus took a deep breath. He felt green blades of the grass touched his feet. Then, he ate the fresh grass.

“I smell fresh air and delicious green grass. I hear the flow of the water. I see the beauty and plenty of this land,” Pegasus cheered.

“Bro, what you see now is the same as what you have seen in your previous journey,” said Mouse Deer.

“Really?” Pegasus said in curiosity.

“Now, you have opened your mind because you appreciate many things around you. When you focused on your burden and fear, you blinded yourself. Now, you open wide your eyes and mind and you are going to see many opportunities,” said Mouse Deer.

Mousedeer and Pegasus is an inspirational fable story.
Mousedeer and Pegasus is an inspirational fable story.

Since that day, Pegasus was grateful. He saw many opportunities and resources. Without burden, Pegasus could run faster and fly higher. He could see clearly and act quickly. Life is wonderful. Life is beautiful.

The End


YW Purnomosidhi alias Mas Wahyu Didik, the writer of this story, combines fable and fantasy story as well as interaction between Greek Mythology and Asian fable character.


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