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Salad’s Fable Story: Taste of Diversity

It is not salad recipe. It is a fable story of it.
Sometimes, when someone claims exclusivity, conflict may happen. It also happened in the kitchen.


Salad’s Story: Taste of Diversity

“I’m an egg. I bring protein,” said an egg.

“I am, too.” Tofu said.

“We are vegetables. We are healthful. We are the members of the most important group.” Kale, potatoes, legume, bean sprouts, carrot, lettuce, bitter melon, and cucumber said.

“Without me, you are not delicious. My name is Salt. I am from the sea. Food needs to be a bit salty to make it delicious,” said Salt.

“You are just salty. I am more delicious than you are. My name is Tamarind. I come from the mountain. I can make people drooling.” Tamarind said.

“I am the most popular one. My name is Chili. I am hot. Many people like me.”

“I am Lemon Grass. I am also healthy as an herbal medicine. I can rock people’s tongue.” Lemon Grass said.

“My name is Peanut. Although I am nut, I have many fans. I am snack idol. I am people’s best friend,” said Peanut.

“I’m simple but many people love me. My name is Chip.” Chip said.

“My name is Rice. I have many fans in Asia. They really need me.” Rice said.

“I am the real idol. Everyone in this world needs me. Nobody can live without me,” said Water.


“Good morning!”  Ms. Surti said.


“All of you are great and unique. Now, it’s cooking time. Let’s make Gado-Gado Salad.  We are all one team with one dream. It’s time to unite your diversity and uniqueness and we will create yummy tongue-licking Gado-Gado Salad.” Ms. Surti said, preparing the mortar and pestle in the kitchen.

The End

Salad Story: Inspiring Short Story
Salad Story: Inspiring Short Fable Story

This salad’s fable story is written by YW Purnomosidhi alias Mas Wahyu Didik, an internet marketer who loves fable.


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