A Short Fable Story titled A Bottle in Desert REVIEW

A Bottle in Desert is the title of one of inspirational short fable stories about neediness which blinds three animals. It is a business fable.

Of course, a bottle on dry land is precious. Those who are really thirsty can choose to fight each other to get it. The needy person will ignore love and peace to survive. When someone in neediness, he is blind and does not listen to his conscience, he can say, “If I do not do this, how can I live?”  Then, neediness can blind someone to do dirty thing in competition for false treasure.

Neediness may blind us and narrow our heart and eyes so that we cannot see that there are plenty for all of us and there is enough for everyone.

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A Bottle in Desert is the title of one of inspirational short fable stories about neediness which blinds three animals.

Three thirsty animals in the story only attached their attention to  a bottle of water and did not see the source of water near them.

Vulture in this story plays a role as a predator who will take evil opportunity when people hurt each other whereas White Crane plays his role as angle who shows the way to the abundance without sacrificing the others.

Sometimes, we are not aware that we live in abundance. What we have to do is to open our heart and mind and do something to receive it. Sometimes, we choose to hurt others at work for money and we are not aware that we have the potential to get abundance from unlimited sources of universe without hurting others.

Maybe, this story can be classified as business fable story. This story is also good motivation for you, who want to start business and transform from Employee category to Businessman category. Sometimes, as an employee, you hurt your colleague for a position or money. Ironically, your bad deed is not proportional to the result that you may get. Sometimes, in business, emotionally we do the same bad things to others. Remember! The neediness can blind us! Open your eyes to find new opportunities and innovations. Open your heart and do something better to receive abundance.

Bottle in Desert  may also be classified as one of fables for kids with morals because children can learn from this fictional story for children that they do not need to hurt each others in competition.

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