Young Paddies Learn to Grow: a Fable of Freedom to Grow and Interdependence – Fable Fantasy



Young Paddies Learn to Grow: a Fable of Freedom to Grow and Interdependence

Everyone needs freedom to grow as individual.

You need space to grow.

It is a fable story about respect, growth and interdependence.

Short Fable Story: Young Paddies Learn to Grow

It was planting season. It was the time after seedling raising process. It was the time to plant the small paddies for farmers. It was the time for the farmers to work at their field. It was the time when Young Farmer was learning to plant the paddies. Young Farmer brought Young Paddies to plant on his field.


“Good Morning, Boy!” Young Paddies said to Young Farmer.

“Is it the first time for you to plant?”

“Yes, it is my first time,” Young Farmer answered.

“We hope we can be great team in this farm.” Young Paddies said.

“Because we must build solid team, there is something that you must do for us”

“What can I do for you?” Young Farmer asked.

“We should be close each other. We must touch each other. We must stick together.” Young Paddies gave advice to Young Farmer.

“Do you mean no space among you?”

“Yes, if we are stick, we will be strong. We will have dependent and strong relationship.”

Young Paddies said, convincing Young Farmer.

Business Fable about Paddie
Paddies need space to grow.

Young Farmer did what Young Paddies asked for. Young Paddies thought they would grow better when they lived stick together as partners. They wanted hugging forever and they thought their stickiness make them stronger.


As the days went on, week by week, Young Paddies could not grow easily because they share energy and water in very narrow area. They stuck together and their roots had competition due to not enough space to grow. The water and nutrition in very narrow space were not enough for everyone.


When Young Farmer visited his field, Young Paddies complained.

“Hi, Young Farmer, listen to us! It’s difficult for us to grow. We know that we are friends but we need sufficient space and distance to grow. We need freedom as individual to grow. We need enough space for enough water and nutrition for everyone. We need to respect each other.” Young Paddies said.


“What should I do? What is freedom important” Young Farmer asked them.

“Make sufficient space among us and we will grow better without disturbing each other. We need the freedom to grow independently as individuals.  We will use our freedom with responsibility an as a team, we will give value to other creatures.” Young Paddies answered.

“I have understood. By growing better independently, you can work together interdependently as a team. It will be a good team. Good team result needs team work. Good teamwork needs interdependence relationship. Interdependence relationship needs independent well-growth individual. Well-growth individual needs respects, freedom, responsibility, and self-development to grow.” Young Farmer understood Young Paddies’ explanation.


“When we are clingy and needy in relationship, we and our partners cannot grow. Now, please plant us with sufficient space.” Young Paddies said.

Little farmer replanted them and give each sufficient space to grow.   Young Paddies enjoyed the freedom to grow. They were growing and, in the harvest season, the paddies together provided rice as the food for human beings.

The End


This short fable story is written by YW Purnomosidhi a,k,a Mas Wahyu Didik. You can find his Facebook: Yohanes Wahyu Purnomosidhi. He loves fable writing. He is one of the writers of stempunk stories and Historical Lovecraft stories.




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