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Short Fable Story: Happy Cat and Hungry Dog

Short Fable Story: Happy Cat and Hungry Dog


A dog was wandering alone and then he found a village.
The dog was very hungry but nobody in the village gave him food. No villager opened the door for him. Then, the villagers kicked the dog out from the village. The village did not accept the dog and the dog did not get any food.
An orange cat was living in abundance in the village. Almost everyone in the village patted him. The cat had more than enough food.


When the cat saw a thin hungry dog. He was sorry. He knew that villagers rejected the dog. Then, as the cat received the food abundantly, he brought some food to the outside of the village and share it with the dog. The cat felt happier when he shared something with other.

Short Fable Story CAT and DOG


The dog woofed a thank to the cat. Even if they were different and environment promoted discrimination, they became friends because they were aware of their role as living beings under the same sun.

The End

This short story is written by YW Purnomosidhi alias Mas Wahyu Didik for Fable Fantasy.


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