Short Business Fable of Lizard: Open Your Eyes and Then Focus – Fable Fantasy



Short Business Fable of Lizard: Open Your Eyes and Then Focus

Sometimes, when you see too many opportunities, you want to take everything at all at the same time. Greed and multitasking make you lose focus. Too much information makes you forget to set the goal. This inspirational short business fable story reminds you about it. Read the story below!

Open Your Eyes and Then Focus!

A tiny house lizard was creeping stealthily at the wall and gazing a group of flying mosquitoes around him and a marching group of black ants in front of him. He moved quickly toward the ants and then stopped as he thought that a mosquito was bigger food than an ant. Then, he turned around and crept toward the flying mosquitoes but he thought that to catch flying or moving objects would be difficult. He hesitated to decide his target.


“Hoop! Hop!”

The tiny lizard snapped out his tongue to get one of the mosquitoes but it reached only empty space. Hesitation came into his mind. He was confused how to get all his preys. Then, with his tongue, he tried to catch them randomly again and again but he got none.


“It’s your first hunting day, kid?” asked a big lizard behind him.

“Yeah, I don’t know how to get them. They are too fast,” answered the tiny lizard.

“Listen to me! Open your heart, mind, and eyes!”


Tiny lizard did what his senior said. He saw many possibilities getting good. There were ants, mosquitoes, spiders and anything a lizard could desire.


“I did but I’m confused how to get them all,” said tiny lizard.

Big lizard smiled and said, “There is the time to open your heart and eyes to see opportunities. There is the time to focus. Now, decide your target and focus on it! Get it!”


The tongue shot out like a rubber band gun. Tiny lizard shot a small mosquito with his tongue. His tongue stuck to a mosquito and snapped his tongue back. He got a small mosquito but it was not bad for a beginner. Tiny lizard became more confident to get more and more.

Set Your Goal!

Lizard Short Fable Stories Fiction

Remember quote and saying about focus by Steve Job. He says,“That’s been one of may mantras – focus and simplicity.”

The End

This short business fable is written by Y.W. Purnomosidhi a.k.a Yohanes Wahyu Purnomosidhi a.k.a. Mas Wahyu Didik. He is a blogger who loves to write fables and fantasies.


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