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Short Fable Story: The Cat across the River

Never underestimate the other.

Read what a cat can do in this short fable story!


The Cat across the River

“A cat cannot swim,” said a grey mouse with long teeth.

“He will not cross this river,” said a white mouse.

“Hi, dirty cat! Catch us if you can!” A black mouse with long tail threw a stone toward a white cat with yellow tail on the opposite side of a river.


“You are afraid of water, aren’t you?” the grey mouse mocked the cat.


The cat starred at the three mice who were laughing at him. If he could, he would jump to cross the river but the river was too wide.

In the night, the mice made a bonfire near the river.


“Look! The cat cannot do anything. He can only watch us,” said the black mouse, pointing his finger toward glowing cat’s eyes in the dark on the opposite side of the river.

“Let’s dance! Let’s celebrate the useless cat!”


Three mice shook their hips and feet to play their mocking dance. They danced and sang to mock the cat again and again. Their dance was getting slower as they felt tired.


“Guys, it’s enough for today. I need to sleep. Don’t worry! the cat cannot catch us,” said the grey mouse.

The three mice were lying on the grass and ignoring the existence of the cat on the opposite side of the river.

“What’s that?” asked the black mouse as he heard suspicious sound from the river.

“That’s only sound of fish or maybe, a frog jumped into the river,” said the grey mouse.

Turkish Van Cat Story
Turkish Van Cat Story

Again, white mouse heard something moving from the river.


All mice got up but it was too late. The white cat with yellow tail caught them all.


“I’m a special cat. I’m a Turkish Van, the swimming cat,” said the cat with winning smile.

The mice thought it would be the end of their life. Their pride and ignorance would finish their life. They had no time to regret. The cat’s teeth were ready to bite and the mice closed their eyes.


“You are lucky. I’m too full. Never judge something by its appearance! Never underestimate others!” said the cat.

“We are so sorry, Mr. Cat.” The grey mouse shivered.

“Go away or you’ll be my snack!” said the cat.

The three mice got up and ran away from the cat.


YW Purnomosidhi a.k.a Mas Wahyu Didik, an internet marketer from Indonesia, saw a cat swimming during the flood in Jakarta and it inspired him to write this short story.


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