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Short Fable Story: Bees and the Flowers

Short Fable Story: Bees and the Flowers

A red parrot, called Motiparrot,  bet he could make the bees come to his fake white flower. He wanted to prove that he was excellent negotiator.

“Hi, choose my flower. Another flowers are smelly flowers. So, come to my white flower. It’s not smelly,” said Motiparrot, the red parrot.

The bees nodded their heads.

“Look at Rafflesia. It smells like rotting flesh. My white flower is not smelly. Come to it,” said Motiparrot.

“Bees come to a fragrant flower not because the others are stinky,” a Bee answered.

“But.. it is better than stinky one. It’s better than the bad ones, ” Motiparrot argued.

Sunflower broadcasted signal that there were pollen and nectar in it. The bees were flying around a sunflower.

“We come to the  flower because there is something in it. There is nectar that we need and love,” the bee said.

Bee and Sunflower Cartoon from Fable Fantasy

People choose something because they need or love it. To promote or get approval, you don’t need to say negative thing about the others.

The End

It is short fable story at Fable Fantasy written by YW Purnomosidhi alias Mas Wahyu Didik, a blogger who loves fable.


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